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    Why should I use the forum instead of email?


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    Why should I use the forum instead of email? Empty Why should I use the forum instead of email?

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:51 pm

    Please use the forum over the PM. Using the forum has many advantages over communicating via email. First of all, the forum allows you to interact with an unlimited number of people. This is impossible to achieve via email since you always need to know the exact email address of a person before you can contact them.

    The forum is different. All you need to do is post your introduction. As soon as you click on the "Send Message" button, your messages get published on the Internet and the chances are that you will receive a response immediately. What's more, you probably get several answers from several people -- while email is limited to just one person. Since your forum messages get indexed by Google, you help other people find answers to their questions and they it will either help them with their queries or may help you get a better response.

    After all, sharing information is the basic principle of the Internet and it's also the best learning method.

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